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Piccola Biblioteca Joyciana – PBJ

Collana di Studi Joyciani

General Editor: Franca Ruggieri

The “Collana di Studi Joyciani”, currently directed by Franca Ruggieri, was inaugurated in 1984 with the publication of Joyce in Rome, edited by Giorgio Melchiori, a volume offering Joyce scholars previously unpublished material and new perspectives on the place of Rome, its topography and its culture, in Joyce’s biography and works.

Joyce in Rome also represented the first volume in the series Joyce Studies in Italy. This series has seen over the years contributions by a number of prestigious Joyce scholars as well as major representatives of today’s cultural scene such as Umberto Eco, Luciano Berio and Jacques Aubert, and has been regularly reviewed in all major British and American Journals in the field. Besides Giorgio Melchiori and Franca Ruggieri, current members of the editorial board are Jacques Aubert, Carlo Bigazzi, Carla De Petris, Timothy Martin, Rosa Maria Bosinelli, Fritz Senn, Carla Vaglio Marengo, Jacqueline Risset and Laura Visconti.

The recent institution of The James Joyce Italian Foundation, promoted by Franca Ruggieri, Rosa Maria Bosinelli, Paola Pugliatti, Carla Vaglio Marengo and Romana Zacchi, with the patronage of the Embassy of Eire and of Umberto Eco, Giorgio Melchiori, Luigi Schenoni, reflects the needs for a new, more balanced approach to Joyce studies, leaving aside the excesses of the Joyce hysteria that characterized the second half of the 20th century, as well as the more detached approaches that have developed, mainly in Ireland and in Europe, in recent years.

It is on account of these considerations that the “Collana di Studi Joyciani” is now inaugurating a second series, the Piccola Biblioteca Joyciana, which will not replace Joyce Studies in Italy, but rather will run in parallel with it.

The Piccola Biblioteca Joyciana will be essentially devoted to short monographs (max. 120 pages) – either in English or Italian or in the other main academic languages – which, being neither full length studies nor complying with the requirements of the article format, are not appropriate for inclusion in the Joyce Studies in Italy series.

The PBJ series is expected to see the publication of two volumes per year, one of which will be for the specialist, the other for the general public. In 2007, however, three items were published.


You can order the volumes of the Piccola Biblioteca Joyciana series writing directly to the publisher or buying them online on

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