The James Joyce Italian Foundation

Dipartimento di di Lingue Letterature e Culture Straniere – Università Roma Tre

Joyce Studies in Italy – JSI

Founder: Giorgio Melchiori

General editor: Franca Ruggieri

Board of Advisors: Jacques Aubert (Lyons), Anne Fogarty (University College Dublin), John McCourt (Roma Tre), Timothy Martin (Rutgers), Fritz Senn (Zurich), Enrico Terrinoni, Carla Vaglio Marengo (Torino).

Joyce Studies in Italy is a peer-reviewed annual journal aimed at collecting materials which throw light upon Joyce’s work and Joyce’s world. It is open to the contributions of scholars from other academic institutions, both in Italy and abroad, and its broad intertextual approach is aimed at developing a better understanding of the literary and human figure of Joyce, who, both as an individual and a writer, still represents an all-important crossroads in Western culture. The project was initiated in the early Eighties by a research team at the University of Rome, ‘La Sapienza’, led by Giorgio Melchiori. In line with the editorial policy of JSI, no house style is imposed regarding the individual essays in the collection.

Under the auspices of honorary members Umberto Eco and Giorgio Melchiori, The James Joyce Italian Foundation was founded in 2006 (website:

The work of the Foundation, and the issues of the Piccola Biblioteca Joyciana series, are also intended to promote and further the work undertaken by Joyce Studies in Italy.


  1. Joyce in Rome. The Genesis of Ulysses (1984) – Bulzoni (pdf available)
  2. Joyce Studies in Italy 2 (1988) – Bulzoni
  3. Names and Disguises (1991) – Bulzoni
  4. Joyce’s Feast of Languages (1995) – Bulzoni
  5. Fin de Siècle and Italy (1998) – Bulzoni
  6. Classic Joyce (1999) – Bulzoni
  7. The Benstock Library as a Mirror of Joyce (2002) – Bulzoni
  8. Romantic Joyce (2003) – Bulzoni
  9. Joyce’s Victorians (2006) – Bulzoni
  10. Joyce and/in Translation (2007) – Bulzoni
  11. James Joyce Metamorphosis and Re-writing (2010) – Edizioni Q – (pdf  available)
  12. Polymorphic Joyce (2012) – Edizioni Q (pdf  available)
  13. Why Read Joyce in the 21st Century? (2012) – Edizioni Q(pdf  available)
  14. Joyce in/and Italy (2013) – Edizioni Q – (pdf  available)
  15. James Joyce. The Recirculation of Realism (2014) Edizioni Q
  16. The Difference of Joyce (2015) Edizioni Q
  17. Joyce, Yeats and the Revival – Edizioni Q
  18. Shakespearean Joyce/Joycean Shakespeare (2016) – Anicia – (pdf available)
  19. Joyce’s Fiction and the New Rise of the Novel (2017)Edizioni Anicia – (pdf available)
  20. James Joyce The Joys of Exile (2018) (pdf available)
  21. Language and languages in Joyce’s fiction (2019) (pdf available)


You can order the volumes of the Joyce Studies in Italy series writing directly to the publisher ( from n. 1 to n. 11) and Edizioni Q ( from n. 12 onwards) or buying them online on

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