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7. The Benstock Library as a Mirror of Joyce

edited by Rosa Maria Bollettieri Bosinelli / Franca Ruggieri – Bulzoni, Roma 2002

The Benstock Library as a Mirror of Joyce


p. 7 – Introduction: “Several Inverted Volumes Improperly Arranged” – Rosa Maria Bollettieri Bosinelli and Franca Ruggieri

Section 1: Bernard Benstock and James Joyce

p. 15 – Joyce Studies in Italy – Giorgio Melchiori

p. 21 – From Zurich to Forlì: How Some of It All Began – Fritz Senn

p. 35 – Bernard Benstock (1930-1994) and the “Dublimericks” – Michael O’Shea

p. 41 – “Were there schemes of wider scope?”: or, Why So Many Hats in “Hades”? – Paola Pugliatti

p. 55 – “All the World’s a fair”: Word as World in “Ulysses” – Carla Marengo Vaglio

p. 67 – Laocoon and Stephen Dedalus – Franca Ruggieri

p. 77 – Driven by Vanity, or Drive by yourself: Rethinking Joyce’s “Araby” – Sam Whitsitt

p. 85 – The Cast of the Mime in “Finnegans Wake” Book II, Chapter I, pp. 219.01 – 221.17 – Luigi Schenoni

Section 2: Crime in the Library

p. 99 – What’s Crime Fiction Doing on the Library High Road? – Umberto Eco

p. 103 – The Detective and the Mirror: A Literary Genre Discovers Itself – Maurizio Ascari

p. 121 – Intelligence Fiction as a Modernist Genre – Richard Brown

p. 147 – Joyce on the case: “Supposing that it was his own case he told…” – Alistair Stead

p. 167 – The Reader as Detective: Scherlockholmesing Joyce’s Texts – Rosa Maria Bollettieri Bosinelli

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