The James Joyce Italian Foundation

Dipartimento di di Lingue Letterature e Culture Straniere – Università Roma Tre

11. James Joyce Metamorphosis and Re-writing

Edited by Franca Ruggieri – Bulzoni, Roma 2010


p. 9 – Foreword – Franca Ruggieri

p. 12 – Abbreviations

Part I. James Joyce: Metamorphosis and Re-writing

p. 15 – Stephen’s Nietzschean Ethics – Sam Slote

p. 27 – “Literature, the press” (U.7.607) Joyce Rewriting Literature Through Benjamin – Richard Brown

p. 37 – The Eagle and the Serpent: Wit, Wisdom, and Nietzschean Egoism in James Joyce’s “Stephen Hero” – Alexandra Emmanuel

p. 53 – Forget, Remember! Forget!: Memory, Amnesia and the Cyclical Metamorphosis of Meaning in “Finnegans Wake” – Paul Fagan

p. 67 – Zola’s Nana and Molly Bloom – Philip Keel Geheber

p. 77 – Avant-Garde Metamorphoses: Newspaper Typography and Joyce’s Rewriting of “Aeolus” – Hsin-Yu Hung

p. 89 – “refuses to sacrifice SD”: Shem’s Incestuous Origins in Joyce’s “Finnegans Wake” – Alison Lacivita

p. 99 – “A Necessary Evil”: Anti-Spatial Behaviour in “Circe” – Liam Lanigan

p. 113 – Eliot’s Lantern: The Mythical Method – Damien Lennon

p. 127 – Occult Joyce: Rite, Ritual, Incantation and the Phantasmagorical as Access to the Supernormal in “Ulysses” – Patrick Lennon

p. 139 – Translating Literature into music: from “Sirens” to “Thema” – Maria Domenica Mangialavori

p. 153 – A Transposition of Ithaca (in Danilo Kis’s Novel “Hourglass) – Ivana Milivojevic

p. 165 – “To know is to deform reality”: the Epistemology of a Transforming and Transformable Reality in Joyce and Gadda – Teresa Prudente

p. 177 – The Immermemorial Instant: “Finnegans Wake” and Giordano Bruno’s Philosophy of Time – Federico Sabatini

191 – “After Life’s Journey”: Posthumous Meamorphoses in “Ulysses” – Maria Grazia Tonetto

p. 207 – Sitting with Orpheus, singing about Love. A reading of “Chamber Music” – Emanuela Zirzotti

Part II. Joycean Gleanings

p. 219 – EGO NOMINOR N…EGO – Jacques Aubert

p. 227 – “But you could not have a green rose” – Christine O’Neill

p. 241 – From James Joyce to Katherine Mansfield: Epiphanic Poetics and Writing of the Self – Laura Talarico

p. 259 – Comedy, or what went unsaid in “Ulysses” – Enrico Terrinoni

p. 273 – Contributors

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