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Shakespearean Joyce/Joycean Shakespeare

Posted by James Joyce Italian Foundation on 03/01/2017



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James Joyce in “Literary Ghosts from the Victorians to Modernism” by Luke Thurston

Posted by James Joyce Italian Foundation on 01/05/2012

This new book by Luke ThurstonLiterary Ghosts from the Victorians to Modernism: the Haunting Interval (Routledge 2012), resituates the ghost story as a matter of literary hospitality and as part of a vital prehistory of modernism, seeing it not as a quaint neo-gothic ornament, but as a powerful literary response to the technological and psychological disturbances that marked the end of the Victorian era.

Linking little-studied authors like M. R. James and May Sinclair to such canonical figures as Dickens, Henry James, Woolf, and Joyce, Thurston argues that the literary ghost should be seen as no mere relic of gothic style but as a portal of discovery, an opening onto the central modernist problem of how to write ‘life itself.’ Ghost stories are split between an ironic, often parodic reference to Gothic style and an evocation of ‘life itself,’ an implicit repudiation of all literary style.

Reading the ghost story as both a guest and a host story, this book traces the ghost as a disruptive figure in the ‘hospitable’ space of narrative from Maturin, Poe and Dickens to the fin de siècle, and then on into the twentieth century.


‘A terrific book, tightly-argued, highly-disciplined, constantly making interconnections of a convincing kind between the examples; never obscure or wandering from the point, often witty and sharp in observation and deduction – a brilliant account of what goes on and what’s at stake when the ghost gets into the machine of narrative’.

Professor Peter Barry, author of Beginning Theory

Other books by Luke Thruston on James Joyce:

1. James Joyce and the Problem of Psychoanalysis, Cambridge University Press, 2004

2.Re-inventing the Symptom: Essays on the Final Lacan , Other Press, 2002 (edited by Luke Thurston)

3. How James Joyce Made His Name: A Reading of the Final Lacan, by Roberto Harari, translated by Luke Thurston, Other Press, 2002

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Ulysses and its translations in the Italian newspapers

Posted by James Joyce Italian Foundation on 10/12/2011

On 10th December 2011 the Italian newspaper Avvenire published a wide article on Ulysses and its translations, followed by an interview to Enrico Terrinoni on his forthcoming Italian translation of the book.

Dario Fertilio – Corriere della Sera – in “Il vero Joyce, popolare e sboccato” draws the attention on the restoration of the original Irish language of Ulysses.
Corriere also dedicates a note to two international conferences dedicated to James Joyce:  “Parallaxes. Virginia Woolf meets James Joyce” (Milan, 13-14 December 2011) and the forthcoming “Joyce and/in Italy”, which will be held in Rome on 16-17 February 2012 .

Elisabetta D’Erme – Il piccolo, 3rd January 2012 – inUlisse l’illeggibile adesso diventa un libro per tutti” focuses on the diffusion of Joyce’s Ulysses in Italy.

Enrico Terrinoni – Il Messaggero, 5th January 2012 – in “Joyce, l’idea di Ulisse nacque a Roma” remembers how Joyce’s idea of Ulysses originated in Rome.

Masolino D’Amico – La Stampa, 14th January 2012 – in “E così l’estroso Ulisse ritorna divertente” points out that Enrico Terrinoni’s translation restores Joyce’s comic dimension of Ulysses.

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“Memorial I would have” – Per Giorgio Melchiori, un anno dopo

Posted by James Joyce Italian Foundation on 19/09/2010

“Memorial I would have” – Per Giorgio Melchiori, un anno dopo (Edizioni Q, 2010) is a tribute to Giorgio Melchiori, the scholar who made such an indelible mark on the history of English studies. Published with the financial support of IASEMS, the Italian Association of Shakespearean and Early Modern Studies, the volume collects the contributions of those who gathered a year after his death, on 8th February 2010, to commemorate the Italian Joycean and “Shakespeare critic of his generation who was most well known abroad”, as we read in Carla Dente’s foreword.

“Memorial I would have” includes texts by Franca Ruggieri, who also edited the volume, Renato Oliva, Piero Boitani, Toni Cerutti, Carla De Petris, Vittorio Gabrieli, Lucetta Geymonat, Cristina Giorcelli, Fabio Luppi, John McCourt, Michele Marrapodi, Francesca Romana Paci, Pierluigi Petrobelli, Paola Pugliatti, Jacqueline Risset, Laura Santone, Biancamaria Tedeschini Lalli and Carla Vaglio Marengo. Miranda Melchiori contributes a complete bibliography of her father, including a list of unpublished manuscripts and lecture notes.

The book is not available in bookshops, but those interested in acquiring a copy should make a request to

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